Do you understand your

Federal Retirement Benefits?


Whether you are thinking of retiring within the next 5yrs or 20yrs...

find out if you're maximizing your federal retirement benefits.

Start with this quiz to get some insight as to where you are in your process:

Understanding the Federal Employee Retirement System

A RETIREMENT BENEFIT ANALYSIS will provide you a personalized snapshot of your federal retirement benefits.

  • FERS Pension-

    How much will it be and when can you retire without penalties?

  • TSP-

    Are you maximizing the available matching? Do you understand the advantages of contributing to the ROTH TSP?

  • Health and Life insurance-

    What follows you into retirement and at what cost?

  • Military buy back-

    Does it make sense to buy back your military time?

  • Social Security benefits in retirement-

    What is your full retirement age

    Should you start this at 62yrs old?

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